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Painting in my caravan awning

Having sold the house a couple of months ago and struggling to find somewhere in Cornwall where we can afford to live and want to live(the two edged sword of living in a desirable second home area)I am resigned to forging forward with my painting come hell or high water both of which we can have in abundance down here in the summer.

I do spend a goodly time painting in location but as you can see from my expressive style I have a fair amount of imagination and freedom of choice when it comes to interpretation of a landscape/seascape,i believe that if you want a picture of a scene then take a photograph,one reason why artists will always survive in this digital age,each person has an individual way of expressing themselves unlike a camera which although manipulated by a skilled operator will only ever record the scene in front of the lens.

So,Back to the awning which now serves as my studio.I find it has several good points so far,namely,it keeps me and my work dry (apart from a few annoying drips in heavy rain)

The light is awesome and the translucent roofing material gives the work space an ethereal glow which i hope is enabling me to faithfully record the tones i want unsullied by electric light and shadows in the wrong place.

The smell of turpentine and various other chemicals is kept to a minimum(in my last studio i was often high as a kite on painting fumes).

I have reference material immediately in front of me,be it the greens of the hills and grass or the distant colours of the sea and coastline,all in all a lot of good points.

the downside is we had a fair old wind a couple of nights back and i had to move all the paintings and materials to a safer place and hence spent the night sleeping with my art(talk about being obsessed)

I did not notice a particular drip during a long spate of rain and subsequently a newly painted acrylic acquired a lovely stream of washed off canvas down its middle,ho hum.

I windy day can create havoc with the stability of the easel and the canvas upon it.

So,I am producing work well again and trying not to think about whether we will ever be able to find a property in our price range in my place of birth,Padstow,Rock and Polzeath are now exclusively set aside as boroughs of Chelsea for the rich and well healed only,even the towns further away from the sea are fast becoming beyond the reach of ordinary folk and i feel we will all soon become a nation of renters lining the pockets of a few individuals(funny how the youngsters can afford a huge rent each month but not afford to get a mortgage)

Today it is sunny and warm so i think i will go walking along the Camel Estuary and find a nice spot to paint(might take a glass of wine with me)

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